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Spotlight: Ready Player One


Title: Ready Player One

Author: Ernest Cline

Genre: Adult Fiction, Science Fiction

Publication Info: Random House, 2011

Synopsis: The earth has been ruined and wasted by humans, but everyone can escape their dismal lives through OASIS, a virtual reality game created by James Halliday. After Halliday’s death, it is announced that should a player find Halliday’s egg hidden somewhere in the game, that player will inherit Halliday’s enormous fortune. Years in the future, when most have given up the search, the unlikely hero Wade Watts unlocks the first puzzle and is thrown into a fierce competition for the egg and his life.

This book is such a creative, fast-paced, and imaginative¬†read! Cline wonderfully combines 80’s pop culture, nerdy references, and a science fiction world, and it’s impossible to not get drawn in from even the first chapter. Anyone interested in futuristic fiction (or anyone looking for a fun summer read) should check this book out.

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