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About Me/This Blog:

I’m Hannah, a recent college graduate with a degree in English and an obsession with books. From high school on to adult life, I’ve often felt stuck in the middle of reading genres–more specifically, stuck in the awkward position of loving teen and young adult novels while trying to transition into “adult” fiction. This blog is my attempt to help others like me  to find books that appeal to all ranges of the transition period. As a result, many of the books I review here may fall into the teen or adult categories, but more importantly, will contain characters, themes, and ideas that those in high school, college, or beyond can enjoy.

Book Review Information:

When reviewing a book, I use the standard 1-5 rating scale, with 5 representing my utmost love and adoration for the book. To keep things simple, I provide a brief synopsis and then give feedback using three main criteria:

  • Plot
  • Characters/dialogue
  • Writing quality/style

I then provide recommendations for who the book might interest/appeal to, which may be as specific as age group or broad as genre (i.e. fantasy lovers). My book reviews are categorized using these recommendations, and these categories can be found at the bottom of the webpage.

If you would ever like me to review a book, please use the information below to contact me!


Contact Information: 

Email: transitionreads@gmail.com

Twitter: @hanbrid42





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