Update: Please Don’t Hate Me

I am a horrible person and blogger.

To clarify, yes, I have only posted one review even though I promised three reviews weeks ago. Yes, I am still working on the promised reviews, not only because I owe it to you, but also because all books are fantastic and deserve to be talked about.

Please let me explain why I’ve been so behind on this blog:

  • My new job position has demanded much of my time and focus, and I’m still trying to balance everything else with this change.
  • My spare time has been filled with obligations to my family, church, home (aka cleaning and grocery shopping), and husband.
  • What little free spare time I had was then devoted to reading what little I could and working on a cosplay for Dragon*Con (which is under two months away).
  • I’ve had the worst case of reader’s block — yes, it is a thing, because I just made it up — in which I started three or four books and could not finish any of them. That’s never happened to me before! Thankfully, I can say that the reader’s block is over, thanks to Silver Linings Playbook (which I’ll be reviewing soon).

However, I heartily apologize for my absence and neglect of this blog. I can’t promise a time frame for upcoming reviews (as we know how well that works for me…), but here are the books I plan to share with you soon!

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